Stila convertible colours

Hey beautiful,

So today I am back with a beauty review post about the stila convertible colours. Now I own several things from the brand ‘stila’ and I have never been disappointed! Their packaging is so pretty and their products quality is literally amazing! Recently as summers started to creep up on us, I’ve been reaching for my three stila convertible colours. 

A convertible colour is described as a ‘ dual Lip and cheek cream’ meaning it can be used as both blush and lipstick. I have three shades of this product all perfect for the summer months and they are tulip,peony and camellia. I have been loving these recently so thought I’d share the love with you guys today by giving you a summary of what this product is really like.

Firstly, when I first got them I couldn’t help but notice all three were names of flowers that appear in the spring and summer times. I thought this was a clever idea as it indicates what season the blush/ lipstick should be worn in.

Before trying this product, I expected it to be really bright and not very blendable because of the cream formula. Before these I’d never really used brightish colours for my cheeks so here I was stepping outside my comfort zone.

The packaging was really smartly made. The writing and product description was clear and readable and there was an easy to open clasp but what I really liked was the colour choices. The overall colour of each products packaging was the shade of the blush. That way you could see what the colour was like if it was all sealed up and you could get a little taste of what it was like. The gold writing was a nice touch as it worked nicely with all the packaging colours and was very clear to read. I also liked the idea of having a small mirror on the inside of each one. I mean the mirrors not huge but neithers the product and stila obviously tried to make the mirror as big as they could. This is just generally a good idea if your out and about and need to retouch your makeup on the go.

Now I’ll just go through the blushes I got one by one.


Now this one was the darkest out of the three by far. It’s actually quite a dark pink shade suitable for summer/ autumn months as it is quite dark. If you look carefully there are also hints of dark purple and red in this. It’s seriously pretty!


Now peony is the light purple/ baby pink shade of the three. I tried to pick three completely different shades so I could really get a feel for the product itself. This is absolutely perfect for spring/ summer months as it’s practically a light,pastel shade like the flower itself. When applied although the product looks purple, undertones of pink show through and it looks stunning!


Now this is the last of the three and probably my favourite! Camellia is firstly such a pretty name and it’s more of a peachy pink shade. There are undertones of brown and orange which make it really neutral and suitable for both cheeks and lips. Again this is ideal for spring/ summer months and I love this so much!

Overall, the formula of these blushes/lipsticks are insane! They are easy to apply and quick to blend leaving a nice subtle colours on the apples of your cheeks. They last for ages throughout the day without you having to apply more every few hours and give a healthy glow to your skin leaving a nice, dewy finish. They are £16 each and in my opinion definitely worth the money if you want a high quality product. They come in 14 different shade and are available from several places including:

And several other makeup stores near you.

So that’s the end of the post today guys, I hope you enjoyed it and I helped you make the desicion if this product is worth it or not.

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